Micasense RedEdge-P dual

Two sensors. 10 bands. For better data comparison with satellites. Dual solution includes the RedEdge-P and the new RedEdge-P blue cameras.

Micasense Dual Camera System

Double the resolution, less work. You can double the spectral resolution in a much more practical and effective way.

Micasense Altum-PT

Altum-PT is a 3-in-1 solution optimised for remote sensing and agricultural surveillance. The most accurate results generate leaf-level resolutions.


The five new RedEdge-MX Blue bands are the perfect upgrade for RedEdge-MX users who need higher spectral resolution.

Micasense RedEdge-P

Undergoes a very strict factory calibration process. It uses industry-leading optical devices and image sensors connected to science-grade narrow-band filters.

Micasense RedEdge Mx

Micasense RedEdge-MX captures five spectral bands and is one of the most adaptable solutions on the market.