Designed for evolution

Expand your business opportunities with Trinity Pro.

A future-proof mapping solution based on a reliable, easy-to-use and secure platform. It is designed to accommodate needs with evolving capabilities and accelerate decision making using aerial data. As technology evolves, so does Trinity Pro. It integrates the latest Quantum-Skynote autopilot with Linux mission on-board computer. These high-performance products provide increased computing power and internal storage, as well as connectivity and availability on board the UAV.

90 minutes of flight

Quantum-Skynode technology

Advanced self-diagnosis

Easy-to-replace sensors

Certified and compliant

IP55 classification

Area of coverage: 700 hectares


Technology such as Quantum-Skynode autopilot and Linux mission equipment. These are integrations that will change the way you interact with data, reducing processing steps and work time, and providing fast and accurate responses.

  • Future-proof investment
  • Simple and safe operations
  • Versatility that enables growth
  • High uptime, maximized results


It is easy to use and offers state-of-the-art security features.

Trinity Pro, combined with QBase 3D mission control software, forms a fully integrated system. During field operation, Trinity Pro provides peace of mind to the operator. The Quantum-Skynode flight control unit features the latest safety functions, which ensure that the UAV flies as safely as possible, including automatic self-diagnosis, terrain awareness, wind simulation and “return home” with AI. Potential risks identified are communicated during mission planning and prior to takeoff, reducing the risk of an adverse event occurring during flight. Industry-specific software connections in QBase 3D simplify post-processing work. The user can create application-specific reports and analyses without having to spend time setting up new and complicated processes.The user can create application-specific reports and analyses without having to spend time setting up new and complicated processes.


The performance parameters of this versatile mapping tool allow you to grow and open up new business opportunities. Capable of operating in the most demanding environmental conditions, Trinity Pro captures more data per mission than almost any comparable drone on the market. Trinity Pro also comes with the industry’s largest range of sensors, which are simply plug and play. The software allows to extend the scope of the drone’s capabilities and its operational and workflow functions.


Trinity Pro is currently equipped with six different fully integrated cameras, including RGB, oblique, multispectral and LiDAR. They are easy to change by means of the quick-locking mechanism of the payload bay. The entire system architecture allows for easy camera integration.

Sony UMC-R10C – RGB Sony RX1 RII – RGB Qube 240 – LiDAR MicaSense RedEdge-P – RGB e Multispectral MicaSense Altum-PT – RGB, Multispectral e Thermal Oblique D2M – Oblique

Maximum take-off weight 5,75 kg
Maximum payload weight 1 kg
Width 2.394 m
Dimensions of case L x W x H
1002 x 830 x 270 mm

Maximum flight time (1) 90 min
Linear coverage 100 km
Area Coverage (2) 700 ha
Maximum takeoff altitude [sobre MSL] (3) 4800 m
Maximum flight altitude 5500 m
Optimal cruising speed 17 m/s

Wind tolerance

Stationary flight phase (takeoff/landing) (4) 11 m/s
Continuous (cruise) (5) 14 m/s
Burst (cruise) (5) 18 m/s
Income protection ratio IP54
Operating temperature range -12 a +50 °C
transmitter frequency 2,4 GHz
Transmitter output power 100 – 1.000 mW
Command and control range 5 – 7,5 km

(1) Subject to export regulations. Limited to 59 min by default.

(2) Sony RX1 RII, at 120 m flight altitude and 1.5 cm GSD.

(3) Tolerance to the stationary wind reduced to 5 m/s.

(4) 8 m/s or 15.6 knots with Qube 240 or Oblique D2M.

(5) Subject to export regulations. Limited to 12.8 m/s or 25 knots by default

What is included in Trinity Pro?

A flight-ready Tactical Trinity includes a GNSS module for collecting raw GNSS data in flight, plus the following items:

iBase GNSS reference base station Portable base station to enable high-precision PPK processing
ADS-B USB receiver set Integrates live air traffic information into QBase
Airborne data sensor
QBase 3D ground control station software Mission planning software, including QBase Longrange 2.4 GHz modem and cable
Manual control Cable control for manual intervention in critical phases of flight or emergency situations
3 battery packs and 1 charging unit
Lightweight carrying case