Velos V3


The Velos V3’s IP65-rated design, characterised by full redundancy, allows for a high-capacity payload and a variety of sensor options. This positions it as a reliable choice among UAV helicopters. Its design incorporates a powerful twin-motor drive unit and an impressive control range of 50 km/31 miles, providing reliability and scalability for a wide range of civil or commercial applications. The Rotor Payload Option (POR) offers the flexibility to add a ballistic parachute or other innovative sensors.


LiDAR Inspections

Cargo Delivery

Geographic Mapping

Agriculture Applications

Surveillance and Patrol

Aerial Video and Photography

Main characteristics:

  • Combined capacity of up to 15.9 kg battery and payload;
  • More than one hour of flight time with payload;
  • Redundancy – full control even if critical components fail;
  • Operates in adverse weather conditions;
  • Wireless modem connection range up to 31 miles/50 km;
  • Laser altimeter for precision control with support for additional laser sensors;
  • Rotor payload (POR) ready for ballistic parachutes, 360° camera and more;
  • Fully autonomous navigation with support for ground control software, including UgCS;
  • Automatic and soft landing and return-to-home modes;
  • Ability to carry a variety of payloads and communication systems;
  • IP65 rating against dust and water.

Multiple Control Options

Ready for Extreme Conditions

The Velos V3 is IP65 rated against ingress of solid foreign objects and water, allowing it to fly safely in rain, snow or dust. Ability to carry a variety of payloads and communication systems; It also allows the addition of more laser altimeters operating simultaneously and is equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors and “follow me” functions.


Access to technical specifications
Rotor diameter RD 1950 mm/76,5 in
Length 1720 mm/67,7 in
Height 730 mm/28,75 in*
Width 620 mm/24,4 in
Fuselahe Width FW 230 mm/9 in
Empty weight 8,5 kg/19 lbs
Battery Weight 4-10 kg/9-22 lbs
Payload Weight 10 kg/22 lbs
Payload Capacity 15,8 kg/35 lbs**
MTOW Under 25 kg/55 lbs
Autonomia Up to 80 minutos
Cruise Speed 30-70 km/h | 8-19 m/s
Min/Max Speed 1-120 km/h | 1-33 m/s

*depends on POR payload

**depends on configuration and weather conditions