About Us

Leading brand in the Iberian Peninsula in knowledge, marketing and services provided by drones.



HPDRONES is a Portuguese company specialized in unmanned aerial vehicles. It is the leading brand in the Iberian Peninsula in knowledge, marketing and services provided by drones.

We are committed to expand and provide the best solutions in the market. Our presence has been central in events, training, presentations and demonstration activities in the knowledge of the world of drones and technology. Through the launches of major brands that we represent, we had the opportunity to be increasingly closer to our customers, create contacts and strengthen existing relationships.


This concept arises with the intention of guaranteeing the client a constant follow-up of the model/solution acquired from HPDRONES, as well as a deep knowledge of its functionalities, thus allowing the model to have a greater longevity and successfully fulfill the objectives for which it was acquired.

The relationship between the company and the client is fundamental. We guarantee our customer the appropriate assistance for each situation. To this end, we have a repair and maintenance center. We guarantee the constant follow-up and updating of your models. If the desire or need for evolution arises, we can upgrade your equipment.

Customer satisfaction is our limit.


  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Projects
  • Repair
  • Upgrade (equipment upgrade)
  • Support (data collection, processing)


Need help with your drone?

In case of breakdown, we take care of everything. We have a team of professionals trained and certified for the repair and maintenance of fixed and rotary wing drones (multirotors).

HPDRONES is the official representative and distributor of DJI, DJI Enterprise, Micasense, YellowScan, PIX4D and Quantum Systems.

Our team guarantees an excellent and personalized service. From quotation to maintenance or repair of your equipment.

While your drone is with us, you have the possibility to rent a model, so you can maintain your business without further investment!

Do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Assume a trusted status in marketing, drone services and new technologies.

  • To have a vision of the market and to keep abreast of all innovations in the technological world and in the areas in which we practice.

  • Establish an honest and solid relationship with our clients, collaborators and sponsors.

  • To enforce all the company’s commitments.


Allied to ethics, trust, and authenticity, our main goal is to achieve great results with our customers, suppliers, and sponsors, ensuring a degree of excellence in our sales and after-sales services.

We propose to preserve unique solutions in the market, providing all the necessary support in several areas. Agriculture, public and private security, inspection and surveying. All this, while assuming a trusted status in marketing, drone services, and new technologies.

We promote safe and appropriate conditions at all times, creating value with the different generations.

We have in our favor a vision of the market and specialized technicians who are up to date with all the innovations in the technological world and in the field of UAVs.