The new agricultural drone for reliable operations.

Ensures an even more precise and effective application.

The Agras T50 has an anti-torsion structure for reliable operation. The integrated spraying system can be equipped with an optional orchard spraying package or exchanged for a spreading system with a spreading load of up to 50 kg.

Improved operating results

It can carry up to 40 kg of spray and 50 kg of spread, further increasing its efficiency and coverage capacity in agricultural operations. With the added benefit of an extremely fast charging time of 9 minutes.

Obstacle sensors and high resolution cameras

Equipped with a dual atomization spraying system, front and rear phased array radar and binocular vision system.

Spraying system

The dual-rotor coaxial structure produces strong winds so that the pesticide can penetrate the thick tree canopy and spray thoroughly.

The spraying system is equipped with magnetic drive pumps, dual atomizing sprinklers and a completely new solenoid valve to improve spraying efficiency and save liquid pesticides. The spray system can be upgraded with two additional sprinklers to suit different operating scenarios.

Multidirectional obstacle detection

  • Multidirectional obstacle avoidance
  • Ground tracking up to 50º.

Total adaptability of the scenario

  • Fully automatic and manual operation
  • Orchard mode
  • Variable rate application

Four sprinkler kit (optional)

Direct spraying backwards during flight – 4 sprinklers spraying, flow rate 24 L/min.

High flow rate, atomized spraying, no leakage

  • Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump, Double Pump Flow up to 24 L/min;
  • Double atomizing centrifugal sprinklers, adjustable droplet size;
  • New and leak-free solenoid valves.

Foldable, flexible, functional

  • Optimized for individual operations.
  • Reduction of bending by 21%.
  • Four manual sprinklers with no need to rotate.


The DJI RC Plus features four-antenna O3 transmission with a range of up to 2 kilometers. It has a 7-inch high-brightness display and an 8-core processor for smooth operation.

*Optional DJI Relay module.

1,500 kg of dispersion per hour

  • Efficient distribution, flow rate up to 108 kg/min.
  • Smooth distribution, duplicated distribution torque.
  • Uniform distribution, rotating disc in spiral channel.
  • Low flow distribution, small hopper gates.
  • Real time weighing.
  • Quick disassembly and cleaning.