UAVs, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are increasingly present in all sectors. Thanks to their development, evolution and enormous possibilities, drones offer many advantages that an increasing number of companies and individuals are taking advantage of.

Thanks to their incredible advantages, UAVs allow multiple tasks to be carried out much more quickly, easily and economically. In addition, drones can access complex places, ensuring the safety of all those operators who are in charge of handling them from a location that is safe enough to avoid possible accidents.

What is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

An unmanned aerial vehicle is called a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and is commonly known as a drone. This is a type of unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a pilot who, as mentioned above, is located in a sufficiently safe location to avoid any incidents that may arise. In other words, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles propelled by rotors, which are remotely operated and whose flight is fully controlled.

The design of UAVs has evolved, so that today there is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, configurations, features and materials from which to choose a specific model for a particular function.

Therefore, at HPDRONES we have a wide range of possibilities from which you can choose those that best suit you. Our professionals will be happy to assist you and advise you throughout the process in order to offer you a completely personalised service. All our drones offer you the possibility of carrying out a multitude of activities: infrastructure inspection, precision agriculture, security and surveillance tasks, among others. Choose the one you need!

Main characteristics of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAVs have a number of features and characteristics that are considered to be fundamental. In fact, when buying a UAV it is essential to take them into account. Below, we will mention and explain in depth some of the main ones.

  1. Adaptability. The great adaptability of drones is one of their main characteristics. UAVs can be adapted to each operation and to the different environments in which they are needed.
  2. Flight stability. UAV technology makes them extremely safe and stable devices. Moreover, as they are unmanned, in the event of an accident, operators would not suffer any type of damage.
  3. Increased precision. Thanks to their software, UAVs have a high capacity to collect and interpret data. In this way, the information available to the operator is much greater than in the case of the work being carried out conventionally, making decisions much more optimal and accurate in order to achieve better results.

Different uses of UAVs

UAVs, as we have mentioned above, have many possibilities and the applications they have are infinite. From HPDRONES we will mention and explain in depth some of them.

  1. Security. Thanks to their particularities and characteristics, UAVs can be used to monitor and guarantee public safety. They are also widely used in rescue work. They are very useful for use in mass events and macro events, so that the State Security Forces and Corps can carry out their work more safely and optimally, as they can fly over a large amount of space with a high quality camera from which to detect if there is a problem. Some drones have thermal cameras that help enormously in detecting peaks in body heat, even if the surrounding temperature differs by a few degrees.
  2. Agriculture. Unmanned aerial vehicles are used in agriculture with very high precision. Thanks to their characteristics and peculiarities, UAVs are able to collect a great deal of data, which is subsequently of great help in decision-making. UAVs can sow seeds with high precision, detect pests or analyse hydrophobic stress thanks to the advanced thermal cameras they have incorporated. All of this saves both costs and time for the farmer.
  3. Delivery. UAVs are increasingly being used for parcel delivery. Thanks to the possibilities they offer, home delivery is another of their uses. They are perfect for this type of function, as there is no traffic and the package can arrive much faster.

What is needed to operate an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

Currently, there are regulations in force that must be complied with in the event that someone wants to fly one of these drones. Misuse of UAVs can lead to serious safety problems. Therefore, from HPDRONES we offer from our HPDRONES ACADEMY complete courses with which to obtain the necessary knowledge to fly one of these incredible drones. The certification is absolutely official and the success rate is enormous.

As we have seen throughout the text, UAVs, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, have endless possibilities. Not only do they apply to a single sector, but their applications are innumerable. In addition to cost and energy savings, UAVs have the potential to increase security and surveillance. However, before using them, it is necessary to obtain official certification and the corresponding technical and practical knowledge.

If you want to get a drone or want to be able to use one of them, contact us! At HPDRONES we offer a wide variety of UAVs from which you can choose the ones that best suit you, as well as official courses with the information and knowledge necessary for you to become a fully trained drone pilot.