The updates will include new firmware for Trinity F90+, Trinity Pro, QBase 3D, Trinity F90+ PMB and Trinity F90+ Remote ID.

Since Trinity Pro and Trinity F90+ are registered with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to comply with U.S. regulations, the current release notes will include updates on Remote ID and its integration.

In addition, this release includes current QBase 3D bug fixes and advanced wind checking for increased safety during mission planning.

Please note that the updates are mandatory for all Trinity Pro and Trinity F90+ users.

Trinity Pro and Trinity F90+ operated in the US

  • It is mandatory to have the Remote ID installed.
  • The UAV serial number will automatically be transmitted.
  • The take-off will be prevented if the remote ID is not installed.
  • Please make sure your UAV is registered at FAA with the CTA serial number.

Trinity Pro and Trinity F90+ operated in EASA member states

  • It is mandatory to have the Remote ID installed for Trinity Pro and Trinity F90+
  • The operator ID needs to be applied in QBase.
  • QBase will prevent the take-off of a Trinity Pro if no Operator ID is inserted.
  • Please make sure to apply for an operator ID at your local authorities.


Trinity Pro and Trinity F90+ operated in ROW

  • The use of Remote ID and the corresponding operator ID is optional.


Trinity Pro & Trinity Tactical | QOS | Firmware

New Features

  • Onboard RemoteID
  • RemoteID may be disabled via QBase if not mandatory in country
  • Added onboard database for country determination for correct RemoteID settings
  • Improved manual control hover performance and reduced latency
  • Improved vertical speed control during autostart

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix in PMB firmware update process


Trinity F90+ | Firmware

New Features

  • Extended data exchange between autopilot and payload management board
  • RemoteID functionality is compliant with EU (C3) and FAA regulation
  • Improved hovering control performance

QBase 3D | 2.33.18

New Features

  • Implemented planning check for strong wind and hilly terrain scenarios (please see .pdf below)
  • Added activation / deactivation of RemoteID transmission if allowed in region (please see .pdf below)
  • Made artificial horizon setting persistent (please see .pdf below)
  • Added additional Mission Check and warnings for 2D (without elevation data) planning during mission upload
  • Reduced mission file (qbm) size
  • Improved altitude plot management for safe return path and mission elements (please see .pdf below)
  • Replaced altitude reading of 0m on map with N/A if no DEM available
  • Expanded number of available reference stations, especially in Brazil and Portugal
  • Added max takeoff altitude restriction for 3000m (Trinity F90+) and 3500m (Trinity Pro) with heavy payloads (Oblique, Qube240)
  • Improved reference station download management and feedback
  • Changed live altitude plot unit display to not use kilometers as flight altitude


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed updating waypoint altitude calculation on custom DEM toggle
  • Fixed uploading wrong mission altitude when planning offline
  • Fixed wrong pitch and roll values if post processing with PPK
  • Fixed Trinity F90+ firmware update message showing up wrongly
  • Fixed wrong joystick warnings for Trinity F90+
  • Fixed loiter to altitude waypoint simulation


PMB | | Trinity F90 + & Trinity Pro & Trinity Tático 

New Features

  • Updated Remote-ID to gain compliance to FAA

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where UTC time synchronization could have failed in very rare cases

Remote ID | | Only for Trinity F90+ payloads

  • Ensure FAA Compliance

You can contact us for more information. You can also access detailed explanations in the QBase Release Notes:–de