Camera drones are devices that use special techniques to subsequently provide relevant information, for example, to State Security Forces and Bodies or those working in the agricultural sector.

Nowadays, this technology is growing at a high level and is being used in the audiovisual sector, or even in the military field. Thanks to their functionalities, camera drones provide an infinite amount of data, which are processed, analysed and interpreted to achieve the most optimal results possible.

How does a camera drone work?

A camera UAV is made from strong, lightweight materials that are responsible for compressing weight and increasing manoeuvrability. The firmness of the material allows camera drones to reach high enough altitudes to obtain a range of data that the human eye would be unable to obtain.

The camera drones are equipped with an advanced developed technology with which they can climb and fly over the desired area. Subsequently, thanks to the camera and sensors, the UAV is able to obtain the necessary data to carry out the correct activity, whether for precision farming, surveillance or inspection of industrial facilities, among others. This entire process will allow the operator to benefit from a large amount of information with which to finally make the most ideal decision.

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In which sectors can a camera drone be used?

As mentioned above, drones with a camera can be used in various sectors. Below, we will indicate and further explain both the areas in which this technology can be used, and the different uses they can have in each of them.

Camera drones in the insurance sector

Insurance companies have incorporated camera drones into their working methodology with the aim of reducing damage to homes, land or farms, among others. There are times when insurance companies use these kinds of drones to access the areas that humans cannot reach.

When you get the corresponding images, data and pictures, we can visualise the situation and make a final decision. This system provides huge advantages to institutions, from cost savings to increased safety and productivity of operators and decisions.

Camera drones in agriculture

Camera drones are used in agriculture to collect relevant information: the detection of pests and algae weeds, the areas that need to be fumigated, to always know how the species is developing, to provide data on soil fertility, to report nutrient deficiency and to carry out an inventory of agricultural land.

For all this, in addition to many other reasons, such as saving time and money, the camera drone is really useful in the agricultural sector.

Camera drones in the audiovisual sector

The audiovisual sector is the one that has managed to get the most out of camera drones. And it is that UAVs take advantage of cameras when it comes to obtaining transformative sequences that an operator using them could never obtain. The images that can be obtained from the perspective of these types of drones are truly incredible.

Drones with cameras offer the possibility of taking photos just inches from home, photos of tall buildings or events recorded in places that a traditional camera could not access. For all the reasons explained, camera drones have been of great help to professionals responsible for creating audiovisual pieces, filmmakers and television productions. This technology has also led to a great reduction in production costs.

Camera drones in messaging

A drone with a camera can also be used to transport light goods. Although it is an application still in testing, there are currently companies that are already implementing this technology to distribute their packages more quickly to customers.

What do you need to know before using drones with a camera?

Before flying a drone with a camera, you will need to take into account a number of factors, which are considered essential. On the other hand, we will mention and explain some of the main ones:

  1. Know the laws that regulate your flight. It is important to raise the regulations and laws that remain in place where the camera drone is going to be used. Flying is not allowed in some areas, such as nature reserves. It will be essential to always fly within your line of sight and check in advance that your planned flight is in compliance with local regulations.
  2. Weather conditions. It will be essential to be informed about the weather conditions that will be in the area where the drone will be sent. In case the weather is very adverse, it would be absolutely advisable to use the UAV app.
  3. Know the route to be taken. It will be important, before the flight, to create a map that shows the route that the camera drone will take to avoid obstacles that could endanger its integrity, and that of all the people who are nearby. And the fact that the UAV with camera is an impediment along the way can affect the quality of the transmission and cause some signal wear and tear. It is best for the drone to fly in open areas and away from any large objects.

For all this, it can be concluded that camera drones provide numerous advantages: cost savings, time reduction and greater precision. Their possibilities for the insurance sector, large audiovisual productions or agriculture, among others, are enormous. Therefore, provided you have all the knowledge about its handling, as well as the necessary requirements for its use (proper meteorological information, knowing the route to be taken or being fully informed about the laws and regulations in force), the UAV with camera will become one of the safest and most productive tools.

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