During the last years, drones have experienced a great development. UAVs offer countless advantages in each and every one of the sectors in which their application is possible. Therefore, buying a drone is one of the best investments, both for a company and for an individual.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have become increasingly popular. Advances in areas such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning have enabled the development of improved systems that provide greater safety and efficiency to make drone missions much more successful.

Which drone to buy? Discover these 3 tips!

Buying a drone is a complex decision that requires taking into account a number of factors considered fundamental. Below, from HPDRONES we will mention and explain some of the most important aspects that should be taken into account.

  1. Why is a drone necessary? Currently, the UAV market offers endless possibilities. There are drones with some characteristics and others with others. Knowing firsthand what are the functionalities for which we need it will be essential in order to make a decision. For example, an operator will not need the same drone to perform mapping tasks than to carry out a complete technical inspection of infrastructures. What we demand from the device is different, so the decision will be one or the other. Ultimately, though, drones help companies, utilities and even individuals.
  2. With or without camera? The camera is one of the main features a drone can have. It is essential to perform certain activities, such as collecting multimedia content for subsequent audiovisual production. Knowing first hand if the camera is necessary or not will be essential in order to make a decision or another. There are a multitude of drones, so there is a wide range of possibilities to choose from. The list of the best drones for beginners is constantly growing with more and more models hitting the shelves to offer an impressive range of options. Whether you’re looking for a high-end beginner camera drone or a complete kit to get you started in the exciting world of FPV.
  3. Performance and features. It is important to know what each of the drone’s features are used for. Sometimes we pay for features that we don’t use later. Therefore, knowing firsthand what each of the UAV’s functionalities are will be essential to buy the one that best suits each type of needs. Battery life, integrated GPS or camera are some examples.

Why buy a business drone?

Enterprise drones are typically designed to have better durability, range, GPS, camera quality and waterproofing. This is because it is understood that these systems will be in the air more frequently and for longer periods of time in order for the UAV to meet the demands of the industry in which it is used.

As we have mentioned above, buying a business drone provides many advantages that operators who use them can benefit from. Below, we will detail some of the most relevant ones.

  1. Greater data accuracy. Buying a professional drone means obtaining much more accurate data. Thanks to their characteristics and peculiarities, professional UAVs can collect much more reliable information, allowing operators to make much better decisions. Since some of the UAVs for professionals use GPS, there will be the possibility of being programmed and accurately maneuverable to certain locations. This is especially useful in a variety of situations. In precision agriculture, for example, UAVs are used for a variety of agricultural needs, such as spraying fertilizers and insecticides, identifying weed infections and monitoring crop health. UAV precision saves farmers time and money.
  2. Achieve more safety. Another advantage of buying professional drones centers on safety. With the appropriate license, operators can use UAVs to provide security and surveillance in cases such as sporting events, public gatherings or mass demonstrations. Drones can also collect valuable data during and after natural disasters to assist and reinforce safety and recovery efforts. Safety is a major concern when it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles. Indeed, there are dangerous occasions during the performance of certain professional activities, such as the overhaul of electrical infrastructures. The fact of using business drones guarantees an increase in the protection of all workers, since it will be the drone itself that will be in charge of it.
  3. Cost savings. The use of drones in different professional sectors implies cost savings, both for companies and for individuals. UAVs allow to perform a greater amount of work in less time, which implies, consequently, a quite notorious saving. This is another of the main advantages of their use.

HPDRONES, for example, has the enterprise drones. UAVs manufactured from the best materials in order to provide everything our customers need. Each of the models offers different features and characteristics to choose from a wide range of possibilities: DJI Mavic 3 Series or the Phantom 4 RTK, among many others!

Where to buy a drone? HPDRONES is the solution!

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In conclusion with everything mentioned throughout the text, buying a drone is one of the best options to consider, both at a personal and business level. UAVs offer a multitude of advantages that operators can benefit from. However, before making the final decision it will be essential to take into account a number of elements considered fundamental: performance of the drone or the use it will be given, for example. We have a wonderful team of professionals who will be happy to assist you and advise you to buy the UAV that best suits your needs and circumstances. Contact us!