Drones have experienced an enormous development during the last years thanks to the advance of technology, which has provided many advantages to practically all sectors: mining, agriculture or audiovisual arts, among others. Such is the great equipment they have to achieve their objectives that some of them have a multispectral camera with which to capture accurate data from which to make optimal decisions during professional development. Thanks to the camera’s ability to collect information, drones will provide better results to all those who use them.

What is a multispectral camera?

A multispectral camera is one capable of capturing several light spectra, i.e. one that has the ability to detect different levels of radiation in the space being observed. This quality is undoubtedly a very useful advantage over other types of camera.

This function is possible thanks to the advanced sensors and technology that these cameras have. The multispectral cameras for drones have small sensors with which to collect the different spectrums of light and send the information to the operators who direct them. In this way, more information can be collected in a short period of time.

There are many professions that benefit from the use of these cameras. Agrochemical companies, agricultural producers, environmental authorities or educational institutions are some of the most representative examples, but not the only ones. And, thanks to the possibilities offered by multispectral cameras, drones that have it have the ability to reach great heights to capture incredible landscapes. Nowadays, this type of technology has become essential for the performance of certain professional tasks.

Drone with multispectral camera What are its advantages in agriculture?

As we have mentioned before, the applications of multispectral cameras in the agricultural sector are multiple. Next, from HPDRONES we will mention and explain in depth some of the main advantages that this type of technology has for UAVs in this sector.

  1. Crop pest detection. Thanks to the characteristics of multispectral cameras, UAVs with this technology have the possibility of monitoring pests, i.e., of providing information about the biological circumstances under which plants are suffering damage. This is of enormous benefit in preventing crop loss, keeping crops safe and fully protected. Thanks to this monitoring it is possible to manage the use of pesticides or crop sprays appropriately, managing resources in a consistent manner. This will help to recover crops and, especially, to detect these pests early.
  2. Obtaining more accurate data. Drones with multispectral cameras offer much more accurate data, which is a huge advantage for a much more optimal decision making by the operator. This will allow the optimization of resources, the reduction of time when carrying out the different tasks and the reduction of the risk that exists at the time of the activity, among many other things. Thanks to this quality, it is possible to use drones with multispectral cameras in order to detect any mishap related to the fertility of the fields, soil moisture, drainage of the area, irrigation efficiency, temperature or productivity obtained from each crop.
  3. Vegetation care. Drones with multispectral cameras offer the operator the possibility of maintaining crops in a much more efficient way. In other words, thanks to the technology they offer, this type of UAVs are responsible for performing tasks such as measuring irrigation or soil fertility. In this way, decisions can be made that favor crops and provide optimal solutions, i.e., that are not excessive or unnecessary.

How does a multispectral camera work?

Multispectral cameras use remote sensing technology. That is, they use green, red and infrared wavebands in order to differentiate the different light spectra and to be able to know the most significant data that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

These multispectral images are capable of yielding useful data thanks to the incorporation of specialized software that determines the state of the relief, pests, water and other aspects mentioned above.

This equipment is highly technical and the sensors and parts are of the latest generation. And, as we have mentioned above, thanks to the progress that technology has experienced in recent years, the multispectral cameras with which certain drones are equipped offer the possibility of collecting very useful information in order to perform a much more efficient professional activity in terms of final results.

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According to what has been mentioned throughout the text, we can affirm that multispectral cameras offer an endless number of applications within agriculture. Thanks to their characteristics, this type of technology offers a multitude of advantages: detection of pests in crops, obtaining much more accurate data or care of vegetation, among many others.