Drones have undergone incredible development in recent years, incorporating new and modern accessories. The 360° camera is one of them. Thanks to the enormous possibilities they offer, they have become one of the main requirements to look for when buying a drone.


360º cameras: What are the advantages of drones?

Thanks to their features and functionalities, 360° cameras offer drones a multitude of advantages. Users can enjoy a wide range of benefits if the UAV is equipped with this amazing accessory. At HPDRONES we will mention and explain some of the main advantages in the following list:

  1. Captures a larger field of view. As the name suggests, this type of camera offers a 360-degree view. In this way, drones equipped with it will be able to capture a completely panoramic image of the spaces over which they are flying. The result is amazing, especially for audiovisual work in which they carry out multimedia production and are looking to record video or movie scenes.
  2. High resolution images. As a general rule, 360-degree cameras offer high-quality images, which is a huge advantage for UAV users who want to capture scenes for multimedia content production. Most of them offer night vision with high-resolution images, which makes 360° cameras a good choice for events, among many other things. In addition, they are able to detect behavior patterns at times when there is a greater fluctuation of people, giving a much clearer picture of what is happening.
  3. Zoomability. Most 360° cameras offer the ability to zoom in to get closer images in certain spaces. If we get a UAV equipped with this type of accessory, we can enjoy a greater level of detail, obtaining impressive and surprising images, especially of places where the operator alone would not have access. The 360° camera allows us to see any corner of the environment it is in without any inconvenience, as well as telling people through the artificial intelligence technology that the equipment has built in.


Why buy a 360° camera for your drone?

360° cameras offer the drone endless possibilities. Therefore, it is essential to consider purchasing and installing this type of accessory on your UAV.

Below, we will explain and mention in depth some of the main reasons why buying a 360° camera will mean a leap in quality for your device.

  1. Capture quality multimedia content. The 360º cameras, given their peculiarities and technical characteristics, are ideal for capturing quality multimedia content, with which you can later assemble complete audiovisual pieces, such as films, documentaries or series, among others.  This is one of the main reasons why you should consider purchasing a 360º camera to incorporate into your drone.
  2. Take advantage of the 360°.  This type of camera is different from the rest. While a normal camera only captures the front of the camera in its full angle of view, 360° cameras have the ability to capture a full image.


Things to consider when buying a 360° camera

When you are about to make an important investment, you need to take into account a number of elements that are considered fundamental. Below, we will mention and explain in depth some of the main requirements to look for before choosing the 360° camera to buy.

  1. Image and video quality. This is one of the main features to look for before buying a 360-degree camera for the drone. The resolution should be good for the multimedia content we capture.
  2. The number of FPS. Having cameras capable of capturing the speed of motion will be key to getting a fluid and dynamic result in our videos. Some of the most advanced 360° cameras can capture more than 50 frames per second.
  3. Shutter range and ISO. There are two other requirements that we should primarily pay attention to before choosing a 360° camera. The first refers to the time the camera is open and therefore exposed to light, while the second corresponds to the camera’s sensitivity to light.


The best 360º cameras for your UAV with HPDRONES!

At HPDRONES we are leaders in the UAV industry, both in Spain and Portugal. We have a wonderful team of experts who will be happy to help and advise you in making the decision that best suits you.

Our 360° cameras are subject to all safety controls and standards, and are made from the best materials to deliver incredible results and durability. Make your drone capture everything you see!

In short, 360° cameras are one of the most important accessories for a drone. They offer a multitude of possibilities so that users can obtain quality multimedia content with which they can subsequently fulfill all their objectives. However, in order to make the decision that best suits our needs, it will be absolutely necessary to take into account a number of elements considered fundamental: shutter range, ISO, camera resolution or number of FPS. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!