Waypoint is nothing more than the marking of a location along a route, we can define it as a reference point. In the world of drones, waypoints are a kind of automated flight that uses the points predefined on the map by the pilot. The waypoints allow the drone to capture photos and videos in pre-planned missions and can have control over the mission. 


How to use the Waypoint?

The first point is to perform the appropriate firmware updates so that the feature is added to the DJI Fly application, once this is done, it will be possible to start setting up the waypoints. During flight planning it is crucial to set the parameters for each waypoint, such as the reference point of the photo or video, adjust different altitudes for each point, custom speed, gimbal tilt and also zoom. In addition to these options it is also possible to tell the drone to hover for 30 seconds at a certain point. 

All these settings can be easily saved for all the waypoints created avoiding having to repeat the process for each waypoint.  This feature allows flexibility for the pilot, since there is no need to redesign the mission. 


Using waypoint in different areas

Repeatability is the advantage of waypoints and can make great sense when it comes to 3D scanning, the feature can be used in a variety of industry scenarios.

  • Construction – With waypoints the pilot can perform several surveys of the structure throughout the construction process so that the drone can go directly to the same points. Performing this type of mission manually will hardly have data from the same points. 
  • Environment – Scanning and surveying areas of interest ranging from erosion to illegal dumping areas.
  • Film and video – One of the industries that most take advantage of waypoints. A photographer or videomaker can easily capture stills and video at different times and thus capture moments from dawn to dusk, for example. 
  • Photogrammetry – In the absence of a specific photogrammetry software, it is possible to create a flight plan with the waypoint in order to make a quick mapping.


DJI Waypoint Benefits

  • Precision – Even for a professional pilot, performing manual flight with the same precision is extremely difficult or even impossible. Waypoint offers greater precision, thanks to GPS technology, the drone makes the same route as many times as necessary.
  • Safety – With planned missions it is possible to avoid obstacles and dangerous areas.  
  • Flexible – The waypoint can set the same parameters for all points, but you can also configure each point according to the needs of the mission. Adapt the points for each type of mission, be it inspection or photography. 


Drones with Waypoints

DJI Mavic 3 Pro – A triple camera drone with next-level imaging performance. It has three sensors and lenses with different distances. With several features available, DJI has introduced waypoints to the Mavic 3 Series features, which can be set up simply and quickly. With the Mavic 3 series you can plan automatic missions based on the waypoints set by the pilot through the DJI Fly app, the only requirement to get this feature active is to have the drone in hyperlapse flight mode.


DJI Inspire 3 – Like its predecessor, the Inspire 3 also has the waypoint feature. With two configuration options: Repeatable Routes and Dolly 3D. Being the first option, the pilot has full control of repeatable flight routes, the aircraft maintains all settings such as altitude, speed, etc. Allowing the pilot to take videos or photographs of the same location at different times. The second option Dolly 3D allows the drone to fly forwards and backwards while the pilot creates an aerial movement path and adjusts the parameters.


DJI Mini 3 PRO – Just like the Mavic 3 series, the DJI Mini 3 Pro also has waypoints available only in Hyperlapse mode. Hyperlapse mode allows you to create time-lapse videos, which means that this mode allows you to create certain videos or photos at regular intervals and play them back at a faster speed. The Mini 3 Pro has up to 47 minutes of battery life, enough to create a hyperlapse. The sensor has vertical camera capability for 4K HDR videos and 48 MP RAW photos.


Waypoints are tools for beginners and professionals looking for precise flights and want to carry out missions repeatedly. HPDRONES has the best DJI drones in the consumer, professional and enterprise range. Discover our entire product range in our online shop