Quantum-systems is an air data intelligence company that provides multi-sensor data collection products to government agencies and commercial customers. It focuses on electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) systems that feature industry-leading endurance, ease of operation and reliability. The company recently launched a new model in the Trinity range, a future-proof mapping solution called: Trinity Pro. This new fixed wing comes to succeed the powerful Trinity F90+. In this article we will look at what has been improved and the new features of the Trinity Pro.


What is new?

Trinity Pro is designed to adapt to changing requirements, evolve in capabilities and accelerate decision making through aerial data. Future integrations, such as AI capabilities, provide new perspectives and help professionals in various industries make more informed decisions and drive their business forward.


One of the new features in Trinity Pro is the incorporation of autopilot. Technology such as Quantum-Skynode and the Linux mission computer, are integrations that will change the way we interact with data, reducing processing steps and working time, and providing fast and accurate answers. The advantage is also a greater internal storage capacity, as well as better connectivity on board the aircraft, increasing safety and giving more confidence to the pilot. 


Another point that has also been improved over the Trinity F90+ are the new engines that are now more powerful and allow the new model to withstand winds of 18 m/s compared to 12 m/s on the old model, plus it features automatic wind simulation to avoid collisions in bad weather and a linear approach to landing. The maximum altitude has also been improved from 4500m to 5500m above sea level. The vertical take-off reaches up to 60 metres, extending the use of the drone in places with higher obstacles such as trees and buildings.


Drone based on LiDAR technology

The six available multispectral and RGB payloads also include a LiDAR scanner. Quantum-Systems introduced the Qube 240 LiDAR sensor in 2021, which has been transformative for the industry, offering applications for various operations. Weighing only 935 grams, the Qube 240 brings results for inspection and can be easily mounted on the Trinity Pro. Being equipped with downward-facing LiDAR, which provides ground avoidance, built-in landing confirmation and highly accurate landing control. The LiDAR features USB-C ports for faster data transfer. The system has been enhanced for better ground tracking. On the new fixed-wing model it is no longer necessary to set additional reference points to compensate for uneven terrain. The innovative feature simplifies flight planning and saves time.



QBase 3D’s algorithms have been improved. Whereas previously the landing manoeuvre was spiralled around the loading point, losing altitude in the process, the new QBase 3D landing manoeuvres add a straight-line return to the landing point. This makes flight planning and the landing itself less complicated. Among the new features in flight planning are:


  • Extensive pre-flight checks and automatic servo calibration that give the pilot confidence in the system and little to worry about.
  • Definition of up to 300 waypoints with the benefit of automatic wind simulation and advanced terrain tracking.
  • The user can create application-specific reports and analysis without having to waste time establishing new and complicated processes. 


With a grey colour and neon yellow stripes, the new Trinity PRO looks attractive. As already mentioned in this article the fixed wing is protected against dust and water splashes, so it receives an IP54 rating, so pilots can fly without worry of damage. The novelty doesn’t just stay on the aircraft, the payloads also get a new colour, being now in black, easy to see. Trinity Pro is able to serve in various segments as it has multispectral cameras, RGB sensors and a LiDAR scanner.


In short, the new Trinity Pro from Quantum-Systems comes to enhance the Trinity F90+. A drone ready for the future and with advanced technology. Through Quantum-Skynode, it performs enhanced monitoring of all on-board systems to ensure perfect operation and predict maintenance. If you are looking for solutions in unmanned aerial systems for your company, HPDRONES is available to answer your questions and help you make a decision.