QYSEA, a global leader in remotely operated FIFISH underwater robots, has recently launched a new tool – QY-MT (Qysea – Measurement Tool). This tool redefines the approach to underwater measurement, offering an intelligent, non-destructive, and highly accurate solution for a variety of applications.

Who is QYSEA?

As mentioned earlier,QYSEA is responsible for creating FIFISH underwater robots. These small to medium-sized robots are global leaders. The company is committed to providing a truly professional and immersive underwater operational experience. These devices cater to a wide range of users, from photographers, filmmakers, and enthusiasts to researchers, educators, and industry experts.

Accurate and Adaptive Measurement

This new feature stands out for its measurement accuracy, providing reliable results in challenging underwater environments. Using intelligent 4K+ AI recognition, the tool identifies contours of target objects, adapting to various irregular shapes. The AI Vision Lock function allows effective “lock + measurement,” demonstrating dynamic versatility.

Versatile Methods

It offers a variety of computer-based measurement methods and supports adaptive measurement functions. From length and height measurement to curves, arcs, and rectangular shapes, the QY-MT provides comprehensive results for various underwater measurement needs.


The applications of QY-MT span a wide range of sectors, from bridge inspection to hydropower, underground water infrastructures, ship inspection, and offshore wind energy. The QY-MT offers an efficient and accurate solution for a variety of challenges.


Among the models supported by QY-MT is the FIFISH V6 EXPERT, a professional-level multifunctional underwater robot. It can perform safe and continuous operations by combining a ground power system with the Q-IF multifunctional expansion interface. The Fifish V6 Expert is equipped with observation, measurement, navigation, manipulation, and collection tools. These tools are durable, safe, and effective. Other supported models include the FIFISH PRO W6, FIFISH E-GO, and FIFISH V6 PLUS.

In summary, QY-MT from Qysea brings significant evolution in underwater measurement, offering precision, adaptability, and a comprehensive range of applications. It not only overcomes traditional challenges in collecting underwater data but also redefines the possibilities of inspection and monitoring in aquatic environments.