Safe and efficient underwater productivity tool

Total posture movement

Posture blocking

Depth blocking

Q-IF Multi-Tool Extension Interface

3 levels Navigation speed

Fast and safe charging

Submarino robot

of the Type of small work

The professional-grade underwater robot FIFISH V6 EXPERT is a highly productive multifunctional submarine tool. It can carry out safe and continuous operations by combining a land-based power supply system with the multifunctional expansion interface Q-IF. This integration allows the adaptation of professional spare parts to various application scenarios, such as structural inspection, underwater and offshore engineering, aquaculture, emergency search and rescue, and oceanography, facilitating the execution of various underwater tasks.

Multi-interface expansion, unlimited function expansion

Equipped with open expansion interfaces, it can coordinate with various types of attached tools and quickly switch between multiple tasks. The Fifish V6 Expert features tools for observation, measurement, navigation, manipulation, and collection. These tools are durable, safe, and efficient.

VR Tracking

FIFISH V6 EXPERT includes the exclusive somatosensory control function, providing explorers with a first-class immersive perspective. The Qi Yuan patent enables authentic 360° omnidirectional movement with complete postures, achieving natural and smooth virtual reality (VR) control without stiffness. With precise detection and convenient control, you’ll experience a new and unparalleled underwater exploration.

4K photography

The FIFISH V6 EXPERT is equipped with a 4K UHD underwater camera and features a wide 166° field of view, 12 megapixel resolution, 240 FPS slow motion recording capability and much more. The V6 EXPERT’s vision enhancement algorithms bring out the nuances of the underwater environment, allowing you to capture all the details you need in your underwater operations and missions.

  • Super wide angle 166°
  • 240 frames per second in slow motion
  • 4K super HD (high definition) video
  • Supports DNG format
  • Aperture f/2.5

Long-lasting power, high performance and reliability

It provides a quick and easy deployment for a continuous workflow. Easy to transport anywhere. Equipped with corrosion and sand protection system, 360º movements for complete freedom in the aquatic environment, capturing smooth and stable images on all missions. Maintains high performance even against water currents of 1 m/s, ensuring approximately 1.5 hours of dive time.

Improved lighting

The Fifish V6 Expert features powerful 6,000 lumen LED lights along with its 4K UHD camera, delivering vivid and vibrant images and footage even in darker environments.

Powerful battery

Super-capacity 14,400 mAh battery offering extended battery life, fast charging and various safety mechanisms. 90% of the capacity is reached in just 1 hour.