HPDRONES is a leading reference in the drone market, known for promoting sustainable technologies and innovative solutions. Our vision is to pave the way for a more efficient world, keeping integrity and ethics as our fundamental principles. We are committed to providing lasting benefits to society, bringing people together, improving well-being and leading innovation.

“Customer satisfaction is our limit.”

These words guide our dedication to excellence and exceptional service in everything we do. With HPDRONES, you get more than quality products, you become part of a community that drives progress and efficiency around the world.


From product to solution

Drones play a crucial role in modern companies, revolutionizing areas such as inspection, public safety, agriculture and energy. They speed up time and reduce costs and risks.

Like drones, HPDRONES is present in the most diverse areas. This year we have tried to understand the needs of each of our customers and provide the best product and solution.

With specialists in the inspection, public safety, agriculture and energy sectors, we streamline operations, reduce costs and minimize risks. The approach goes beyond data collection, offering valuable insights for sustainable practices and production optimization. HPDRONES’ commitment to service excellence not only solidifies its reputation, but also establishes long-lasting relationships, highlighting it as a reliable partner committed to offering the best in technology and services to customers.

With the continued advancement of technology and the implementation of clearer regulations, the potential of drones in the business world will grow even further. Looking back, the year 2023 was marked by a number of notable achievements and representations for HPDRONES. Our dedication to providing innovative, high-quality drone solutions is reflected in the work carried out and partnerships established throughout the year.


Strategic Partnerships

Since the beginning of this year, we have set out to continue providing the best services to our customers. HPDRONES’ presence has been crucial at events, training sessions, presentations and demonstration activities and in getting to know the world of drones.

Through the launches of the major brands we represent, we have been able to get closer to our customers, create contacts and strengthen existing relationships.

We have a vision of the market and specialized technicians who are up to date with all the innovations in the technological world and in the area of UAVs.

Allied with renowned brands in the drone and technology sector, we have kept a close eye on the vast number of launches worldwide.

  • Quantum-Systems has introduced the innovative Trinity Pro, another fixed-wing drone that has been designed to adapt to changing requirements, evolve in capabilities and accelerate decision-making through aerial data.
  • YellowScan, which focuses on LiDAR solutions, has this year launched highly competent sensors such as the Voyager, Explorer e o Surveyor Ultra , high-quality sensors compatible with various UAV brands.
  • Brands such as AgEagle (Micasense), Pix4D e UGCs continue to be part of our portfolio, consolidating our position as leaders in the drone market and ensuring our customers have access to the most advanced products in the drone market.


Events and demonstrations

Throughout the year, HPDRONES has had the honor of participating in several projects covering sectors such as Energy, Inspection, Public Safety and Agriculture. These projects not only highlighted the versatility of drones, but also reinforced the commitment to providing effective solutions for a variety of applications. HPDRONES has carried out demonstrations and events in the agricultural field, such as the National Agricultural Fair, Agroglobal and demonstrations in cooperatives. It was present at Civil Protection events and Fire Brigade seminars, which contributed to innovation in the areas of public safety. It was also present in Spain, taking part in Expodrónica and Global Mobility Call and carrying out demonstrations with clients in various cities.

As we celebrate these milestones, we recognize that each achievement is driven by the continued support of our customers, partners and collaborators. We eagerly anticipate an even more exciting year in 2024, where we will continue to build on these successes, explore new opportunities and provide exceptional solutions.

We believe that the drone market is transforming the way various tasks and processes are carried out in different industries. Our commitment is always to bring you the trends and future developments in drone technology to maximize its potential. With careful planning and effective use, drones can be of great benefit in improving the efficiency, safety and productivity of companies.

We thank everyone who was part of our journey in 2023 and look forward to moving forward together in 2024!