Drone batteries are considered one of the main components of unmanned aerial vehicles.
However, throughout the text we will cover some tips and precautions you should take when using batteries and flying drones.

Drone battery: How important is it?

Drones depend on their batteries to fly. The condition and time of use can influence the user’s flight experience when flying the drone. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know how to properly use and care for the batteries.
Like any of the devices we use in everyday life, drones, as well as any of the elements that compose them, including the battery, need proper and correct maintenance. Depending on this, the battery will have a longer or shorter useful life.

If you have any doubts about the correct actions to take for battery maintenance, contact us! Our professionals will be happy to help you.


What should I consider with my drone batteries?

Before buying a battery for your drone, you should take into account a series of elements considered of vital importance. Here, from HPDRONES we mention and explain some of the main ones.

  1. Do not discharge the battery below 25%;
  2. Do not store the battery fully discharged or, conversely, fully charged (we recommend a storage percentage between 30% and 50%).
  3. If the equipment is not used for a long period of time, periodic maintenance charges should be performed.
  4. Allow the battery to cool down between charges.

Precauciones al utilizar las baterías para UAVs

Las baterías son elementos del dron con los que hay que tener especiales cuidados. Por ello, a continuación os comentaremos algunas de las principales precauciones que deberemos desarrollar si queremos que no exista ningún tipo de problema o incidente.

  1. Cuando vuele el dron a altas temperaturas ambiente, preste atención a la temperatura de la batería y deje que se enfríe entre carga y carga.
  2. Cuando vueles a bajas temperaturas ambientales, presta atención al porcentaje de la batería (la batería en estos ambientes tiende a bajar de porcentaje más rápidamente).
  3. La batería puede dañarse por sobre-descarga o sobrecarga.
  4. La batería se descarga más fácilmente si no se utiliza durante mucho tiempo. Un uso regular y moderado de la batería garantizará una mayor duración de la misma, mejorando la vida útil del equipo.


Where to buy drone batteries?

In HPDRONES we have a wide variety of batteries for your drones. We work with the best materials in order to offer all our customers the best results to satisfy all their needs. We have batteries of longer duration for those UAVs that require it, as well as of shorter time for less demanding drones.

Please contact us to resolve any questions you may have regarding this matter.


DJI Drones – Get self-sufficient drones!

In HPDRONES we have plenty of self-sufficient UAVs, that is, drones that have long-lasting batteries. And this, as we have mentioned above, will allow users to perform more exhaustive tasks that require prolonged use over time. Below, we will mention and explain in more depth some of the best DJI drone options we have.

  1. DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral.Thanks to the technology from which it is made, this UAV is ideal for the development of optimal and precise precision agriculture. It stands out for its enormous capacity to capture data, its compact design and its precise positioning. In addition, the DJI Mavic 3 has a very long battery life: 43 minutes (cruise time) and 200 hectares in a single flight. With a DJI USB-C 100W power adapter it has the following specifications: 5,00 mAh, 15.4 V and 77 Wh.
  2. DJI Matrice 30 Series. Manufactured from quality sensors, which provide high performance, they are characterized by their compact and lightweight design, power and portability. In addition, compared to their previous series, they improve stability and battery life. In case of a BS30 smart battery station, this UAV takes about 50 minutes to charge to 100%. The thermal environment in which they will have to be maintained will have to range between -20º and 40º. Its power output is 131.6W/h.
  3. DJI Matrice 300 RTK.Inspired by the most modern avionics systems. Its battery allows a flight time of up to 55 minutes, which can be hot-swapped. In case of having a 220V power supply the battery of this UAV will take about 60 minutes to charge, while if we have one of only 110V we will have to wait up to 70 minutes. It is advisable not to charge it just after the flight, that these oscillate between 15º and 40º and that its storage temperature is between 22º and 30º. In case the battery is not going to be used for about 10 days, discharge it to 40% or 65%.
  4. DJI Phantom 4 RTK SE. Ideal for those users who need accurate data in mapping tasks, offering these UAVs the possibility to fly at low altitude in a more precise and compact way. Long battery life, providing up to 24 minutes of flight time. The time it takes to charge is about 60 minutes, having to be stored in dry, cool, well ventilated places, away from possible fires, high temperatures or flammable materials.
  5. DJI Agras.This range of drones is perfect for any activity related to smart agriculture. Perfect for crop spraying and application of phytosanitary products. It has two batteries and a charger for continuous operation. The smart battery is covered for a warranty of 1,000 charges and 199 hectares of flight. In addition, this UAV can be charged in ten minutes.

These are some of the options we have, but not the only ones: visit our website for more information and to find out which DJI models, one of the pioneers in the industry, are available!


For all the above mentioned, we can understand the drone battery as one of the most relevant elements inside a UAV. Its maintenance is transcendental for an optimal use prolonged in time. However, its autonomy and self-sufficiency will vary depending on the model. There are drones designed for more exhaustive tasks that require more powerful batteries than others. Therefore, it is essential to take into account the use to which the UAV is going to be put.

However, in HPDRONES we think about all our customers, as well as their main characteristics. Therefore, we offer a wide range of possibilities so that they can choose the option that best satisfies them.