Enterprise dronesare a type ofunmanned aerial vehicle whose use is limited to commercial activities for the benefit of a company’s productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Thanks to the evolution they have undergone in recent years, Enterprise drones are currently considered one of the most demanded technologies by companies.

Thanks to their high functionalities, the use of drones has become one of the best tools when it comes to work. Do you still don’t know what are some of the main advantages that Enterprise drones provide? Read on and find out more!

What are Enterprise drones?

Enterprise drones, also known as commercial or industrial drones re those UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) that are used at an industrial level to among many other things, capture temperatures, store images and data from which to generate efficient business reports and analysis, field work or agriculture.

The possibilities offered by enterprise drones are endless, and they can be incorporated into any business sector. It is increasingly common for companies to use them to improve the productivity of their activity and, consequently, the results obtained.

What are the solutions offered by drones in different industries?

Enterprise Drones offer a wide range of solutions for Industry 4.0.., i.e. for industries where automation, digitalisation and recent developments in some fields, such as robotics or Artificial Intelligence, are present. Some of the solutions that Enterprise drones provide in different industries are:

  1. Increased safety in the workplace. Enterprise drones can improve the safety of both workers and other personnel on the premises.
  2. They collect data quickly and accurately – sometimes even in real time – and can reach both hazardous locations and hard-to-reach spaces, making a huge difference to managing budgets, controlling risk or verifying results.
  3. The use of Enterprise drones can be applied commercially, educationally and governmentally. They will improve areas such as public safety, agriculture, education, infrastructure, construction, energy and media.
  4. Reduce costs by up to 75%.
  5. It acts as a cross-cutting medium, which means that it can be used by many sectors to maximise safety and benefits.
  6. Increases the operability of the medium, as it is easier to take off in limited areas.
  7. In addition, it is easily transportable and its activity requires less security clearance than a manned aircraft.
  8. The Enterprise drones are very useful tools for inspecting power lines, infrastructures, solar panels, wind turbines and oil platforms.

Benefits of drones Enterprise Why use drones?

As mentioned above, the advantages that drones offer to companies and different industries correspond to a very wide range. However, in addition to the benefits that this technology provides to different sectors, why is it advisable to use them?

  • For the industrial sector. Enterprise drones can be used for countless activities within industrial activity, including infrastructure inspection, taking condition photographs and taking topographical images.
  • For the logistics sector. The most frequent use of Enterprise drones in order to achieve a more efficient logistics activity is the delivery of small packages with the aim of saving fuel.
  • For the agriculture sector.. This type of technology has the ability to take multispectral photographs from which to obtain data for more efficient farming. In addition, Enterprise drones have the ability to recognise and capture field temperatures to make decisions that make more sense in order to achieve greater productivity and cultivation.
  • For the security sector.. This type of mechanism is also very useful for maintaining security, carrying out exhaustive monitoring and control of possible suspects, with the aim of capturing and detaining them.

Best enterprise or commercial drones at HPDRONES

Are you looking for an Enterprise drone o make your company run more efficiently and productively? At HPDRONES we are a company specialised in unmanned aerial vehicles from which we offer you a wide range of solutions and functionalities. Find out more about some of our best Enterprise drones:

  • DJI Matrice 30 Series. DJI’s M30 Series drones integrate high-performance sensors, portability and endurance. Thanks to their compact design, light weight and innovative DJI Pilot 2 flight application piloting them is much easier and safer. Take advantage of their balance and power to achieve unbeatable results in business productivity!
  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK.Inspired by the most modern avionics systems, the DJI Matrice 300 RTK offers long-lasting flight time, a highly developed Artificial Intelligence system and very good manageability. With it, you can increase your company’s activity in terms of both efficiency and performance.
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. The drones M2EA are highly recommended for, among many other activities, energy inspection, environmental protection and topography. Thanks to their advanced characteristics, these drones offer features from which to achieve greater performance in business activities.

We are the leading brand in the Iberian Peninsula in knowledge, marketing and services provided by drones. In addition to the wide range of drones we have, we offer you complete consultancy services, hardware and software, services that adapt to the specific needs of each type of customer.

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