The integration of drone technologies in sustainable and organic farming is revolutionizing the sector, providing farmers with higher yields and significant price reductions.


Meet the new DJI Agras

With continued advances in technologies such as multispectral sensors and RTK systems, farmers have access to an unprecedented level of precision and control. This not only allows for more effective strategic planning, but also contributes to the development of domestic agriculture. In addition, recent advances in spray drones, equipped with centrifugal circular spray sensors, are further optimizing application efficiency, reducing water consumption and increasing the safety of farming operations. These innovations represent a significant step towards more sustainable and productive agriculture.


DJI Agras T50

DJI Agras T50 is the latest upgrade from DJI. It offers innovative features, such as obstacle sensors and high-resolution cameras, that improve the accuracy and safety of agricultural operations. It is equipped with a dual atomization spray system, front and rear phased array radar and a binocular vision system.

In addition, it can carry up to 40 kg of sprayer and 50 kg of spreader, further increasing its efficiency and coverage capacity in farming operations. With the added benefit of an extremely fast loading time of 9 minutes.

Main characteristics:

The coaxial twin-rotor structure produces strong winds so that the pesticide can penetrate into the thick tree canopy and spray completely.

The spraying system is equipped with magnetic impeller pumps, double atomizing spray nozzles and a completely new solenoid valve to improve spraying efficiency and save liquid pesticides. The spray system can be expanded with two more sprinklers to suit different operating scenarios.

  • Multidirectional obstacle detection: Avoids obstacles in multiple directions and tracks terrain up to 50°.
  • Full adaptability to the scenario: Fully automatic and manual operation, supports orchard mode and variable flow application.
  • High flow, atomized spray, no leakage: Features a magnetically driven booster pump, dual pumping rate up to 24 L/min and dual atomizing centrifugal sprayers with adjustable droplet size. It has new solenoid valves and is leak-free.
  • 1,500 KG of dispersion per hour. Efficient distribution: With a flow rate of up to 108 kg/min, it ensures fast and efficient distribution of your products, maximizing the productivity of your operation.
  • Smooth and uniform distribution: Thanks to the doubled distribution torque, this drone guarantees a smooth and uniform distribution of the products, avoiding gaps or excesses in each application. The spiral channel rotating disk ensures uniform distribution throughout the application area, guaranteeing homogeneous coverage and consistent results.
  • Low-flow distribution: With small hopper gates, it offers accurate distribution even in small quantities, minimizing waste and maximizing input efficiency.
  • Real-time weighing: Real-time weighing capability allows precise control of the amount of product applied, ensuring efficient resource management and quick response to any adjustment needs.
  • Quick disassembly and cleaning: Designed for ease of maintenance, it offers quick disassembly and cleaning, allowing less time to be spent on maintenance and more on operation, increasing productivity.

With the Agras T50, you will not only increase the efficiency and accuracy of your farming operations, but also reduce costs and environmental impact. This is the future of farming, today.

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DJI Agras T25

DJI Agras T25P, with this drone’s cutting-edge technology, farmers will be able to optimize their practices, raising agricultural productivity standards.

This drone is capable of carrying a spraying payload of up to 20 kg or a spreading payload of up to 25 kg, making it the ideal solution for small and medium-sized plots. In its standard spraying configuration, the Agras T25 can deliver a high volume of 16 L/min and cover up to 12 hectares per hour in open field operations. This efficiency and versatility make the Agras T25 a valuable option for farmers looking to improve their results and maximize the use of their land.

Main characteristics:

  • Agile and lightweight design: this drone is foldable and easy to handle, perfect for individual jobs. Its compactness facilitates take-off and landing, making it ideal for any terrain.
  • The Agras T25 is equipped with a high-performance system: capable of spraying up to 20 kg at a time, at a rate of 16 L/min, and spraying up to 25 kg, at an incredible rate of 72 kg/min. This means your operations will be more efficient and productive than ever before.
  • Signal stability: with the ability to operate offline with up to 2 kilometers of transmission, and the option to use DJI’s relay option, this drone offers reliable performance in all circumstances.
  • Adaptability for all situations: the Agras T25 can operate both fully automatically and manually. In addition, the Orchard Mode and Variable Rate Application ensure that it is suitable for a wide variety of agricultural applications.
  • Safety: it is equipped with a multi-directional obstacle sensor. This allows it to avoid obstacles in all directions and follow the terrain accurately, even in hilly terrain.

And for those looking for even more efficiency, the Agras T25 offers the option of the Four Sprinkler Kit (Optional), which allows reverse directional spraying during flight, with a flow rate of 24 L/min.

With all these features, the Agras T25 is the ultimate choice for farmers looking to increase productivity and efficiency, while reducing costs and environmental impact. This is the future of agriculture, now within reach.

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