YellowScan Voyager.

Precision meets reality.

Compatible with:

RGB camera module


Applanix / Riegl


AGL altitude: 440m
System accuracy: 0.5cm
System accuracy: 1 cm
Battery weight excl.: 3.5 kg


  • Precision meets reality
  • Powerful solution for aircraft
  • Up to 15 echoes
  • Multi-platform

Manned aircraft : Multirotor UAVs : Fixed-wing UAVs

Main information

The YellowScan Voyager is a powerful solution for both manned and unmanned aircraft. The specifications of the laser scanner can be adapted to your different design and platform needs. With the wide field of view of your laser scanner, all points are oriented towards the ground, which means no loss of points.

Be more productive in the field

This system can be mounted on light manned aircraft, helicopters or UAV platforms and is our longest range LiDAR solution, with a flight altitude of up to 440 m (1440 ft).

High density of dots

Voyager captures 2 million usable points per second, a feature that would be impossible for a 360˚ scanner.

With the 100° scanner, all points are oriented towards the ground, which means that there is no loss of points.

Unparalleled penetration into vegetation

Its detection and processing of up to 32 target echoes per laser pulse will provide you with unmatched penetration into vegetation.

Vertical mapping

Designed for people who require less than 1 cm of accuracy and want to cover complex, vertical targets with efficiency and ease.

Tailor your laser to your needs

Voyager laser scanner specifications can be customized to suit your mission needs.

LiDAR and RGB data collection

The Voyager is compatible with an optional 20 or 60 MP integrated camera module.

Data generation in a few clicks

Manage your point clouds with our proprietary all-in-one software solution. Extract, process and display data immediately after flight acquisition.




Precision 0.5 cm
Accuracy 1 cm
Laser scanner RIEGL VUX-120
GNSS inertial solution Applanix AP+ 30 AIR o AP+ 50 AIR
Typical flight speed 30 m/s
Typical flight altitude 300 m
Maximum flight altitude 440 m
Dot density 24 pts / sqm @ 300 m AGL 30 m/s
Laser range Up to 1250 m
Laser wavelength 1550m
Scanner field-of-view 100° x 20°
Max. data generated 12.000.000 points/sec.
Echoes per shot Up to 32
Shots per second Up to 2 000 000
Scanning frequency Up to 400 Hz (selectable)
RGB camera Optional
Weight 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) batt. excl
Size L 369 x W 117 x H 183 mm

1 hour type

Power consumption
55 W

Operating temperature
-10 to +40 °C