YellowScan Surveyor Ultra.

Affordability. Flexibility. Productivity.

Compatible with:
RGB camera option

Interior technology:

SBG / Hesai Systems

Typical flight altitude: 100 m AGL (328 ft.)
System precision 2cm 0.8″
System accuracy: 1″ (2.5 cm)
Battery weight excl.: 983g (2.17lbs)

Easy integration into UAV platforms

This system can be used in multi-rotor UAVs, fixed-wing VTOLs and helicopters. This flexibility is an advantage if you have a great diversity of missions: sizes and reliefs. Fixed-wing VTOL for large areas to be inspected, multi-rotor for small areas or vertical sections. For drones, the “quick release” attachment allows easy mounting on a wide range of drones. There are two options: Gremsy or Skyport, which can be interchanged depending on the drone being used.

360° field of view: ready for vertical mapping

The Surveyor Ultra allows you to collect LiDAR data not only from the ground, but also vertically. It is the best choice for applications such as vertical inspections (buildings, bridges, coastal erosion, cliffs, mountains).

Turnkey, easy to use and self-powered

Like all YellowScan LiDAR systems, the Surveyor Ultra follows the “Just Press the Yellow Button” philosophy. It is designed for 3D modeling under vegetation and fast data processing.

Integrated Camera

The Surveyor Ultra now has an integrated camera (global shutter) that can be used for coloring.

LiDAR and RGB data collection

Surveyor Ultra is compatible with an optional 20 MP or 60 MP single camera module, or with a 35 MP dual camera module.




Laser scanner Hesai XT32M2X
GNSS inertial solution SBG Quanta Micro
Precision 3 cm
Accuracy 2.5 cm
Typical flight speed 10 m/s
Typical flight altitude 100m
Maximum flight altitude 140m
Dot density 60 pts/sqm @ 100m AGL 10 m/s
Laser range Up to 300 m
Laser wavelength 905 nm
Scanner field-of-view 360° x 40.3°
Max. data generated 1 920 000 points/sec
Echoes per shot Up to 3
Shots per second Up to 640 000
Scanning frequency Up to 20 Hz
RGB camera Integrated 2 MP global shutter
Weight 0,98 kg (2,2 lbs) batt. excl.
Size L 153 x W 113 x H 117 mm
Autonomy 1.2 hours typ.
Power consumption 20 W
Operating temperature -10 to +40 °C