YellowScan Fly&Drive

Fly when you can.
Drive when you must.

  • Multi-purpose mobile (ground) and UAV (airborne) mapping systems
  • Precision positioning using high end GNSS and IMU coupled system
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and low power consumption
  • Installation on any kind of UAVs and vehicles

LiDAR Multifunctional for Geospatial Exploration from Air to Ground

The Fly & Drive is a versatile mobile mapping system mounted on a land vehicle or UAV that combines high-resolution laser scanning and precise positioning to collect georeferenced point clouds.

Key specifications:

  • Typ. driving speed: 50km/h (30mph)
  • System precision: 3cm (1.2″)
  • System accuracy: 2.5cm (1″)
  • Max Range: <200m (650ft)

Easy swapping from land vehicle to UAV

The Fly & Drive car capsule can be mounted on most land vehicles. Specially designed bracket allows a quick and trouble-free change from the car pod to any UAV. Thanks to predefined settings, switch from UAV to mobile mapping in 2 clicks.




Precision 3 cm
Accuracy 2.5 cm
Typ. driving speed 25-50 m/s
Typ. Typ. flight speed 10 m/s
Max. Max. AGL altitude 140 m
Laser range Surveyor Ultra: Up to 300 m
Laser scanner Surveyor Ultra: Hesai XT32M2X
GNSS-Inertial solution Surveyor Ultra: SBG Quanta Micro
Scanner field-of-view Surveyor Ultra: 360° x 40,3°
Echoes per shot Surveyor Ultra: Up to 3
Shots per second Surveyor Ultra: Up to 640 000
Scanning frequency Surveyor Ultra: Up to 20 Hz
Weight Surveyor Ultra: 0.98 kg batt. excl.
Size Surveyor Ultra: L 153 x An 113 x Al 117 mm
Autonomy Surveyor Ultra: 1.2 hour typ.
Power consumption Surveyor Ultra: 20 W
Operating temperature Surveyor Ultra: 20 W
In the box

1 hardshell backpack 3.2 kg
1 Pod – Con ventosas y antena GNSS Tallysman
4 batteries + 1 charger (RRC 2040 – 11,1v)
1 Surveyor Ultra 983g
1 Mounting Bracket (Para DJI M300/M350)
1 GNSS Antenna AV18 (for YellowScan systems)
CloudStation Essential (1 licence)