YellowScan Explorer.

Versatility at its finest.

Compatible with:
RGB camera module
Single or dual

Laser scanner:
A YellowScan development

AGL Altitude Up to 200m 655ft
System precision 2cm 0.8″
Battery weight excl. 1.8kg 4lbs

Years of research for a unique product.

Multi-platform adaptability: Can be installed on light manned aircraft, helicopters or UAVs, with “quick release” docking options for different drones. Facilitates installation on various drones, offering two options: Gremsy or Skyport, which can be exchanged according to the drone used.

A one-of-a-kind laser scanner: Developed to meet specific requirements, with the possibility to select the appropriate scanner parameter for each mission.

Front LCD touch screen: Easy operation and detailed system status information.

Key features

  • Longer range to cover more area per flight.
  • Flying speed of 5 to 35 m/s with a flight altitude of up to 300 m.
  • Optimal penetration of vegetation with detection and processing of up to five target echoes per laser pulse.
  • Integrated camera (global shutter) for colouring.
  • LiDAR and RGB data collection with single or dual camera module options.




Precision 2 cm
Accuracy 2 cm
Typ. flight speed 10 m/s
Max. Max. AGL altitude 200 m

Laser range
Up to 300m

laser scanner
A YellowScan development

GNSS-Inertial solution
SBG Quanta Micro

Scanner field-of-view

Echoes per shot
Up to 5

Shots per second
Up to 500 000

Scanning frequency
Up to 165 Hz (selectable)

Integrated Camera
Built-in 2MP global shutter

1.8 kg (4.0 lbs) batt. excl.

L 270 x An 118 x Al 135 mm

1 hour typ.

Power consumption
55 W

Operating temperature
-10 to+40 ºC
In the box
1 hardshell backpack 3.2 kg
1 Explorer – 1,8 kg
4 batteries + 1 charger (RRC 2040 – 11,1v)
1 GNSS Antenna AV18 (para sistema YellowScan)
2 USB keys (Samsung 256go x2)
CloudStation Essential (1 licence)
SBG Qinertia UAV (1 licence)
Technical support (1-year unlimite)
Warranty (1 year)
1 Remote healthcheck
In-person or online training
Boresight calibration certificate