State-of-the-art underwater operating solution

Aesthetic and elite underwater robot
The new FIFISH E-GO features a sleek, curved exterior inspired by the hammerhead shark, which gives the E-GO exceptional resistance to underwater currents.

Fluid dynamic design and construction
With its biomimetic shark tail fin design and aerodynamic fluid dynamics, the FIFISH E-GO maneuvers effortlessly through subsea operations, navigating smoothly through oceans and currents.

Locking the AI Vision station

Dual interchangeable battery system

4K UHD and 176° FOV 4K camera lens

Dual-load Q interface 3.0 ports

10,000 lumen LED lights, 160° beam angle

Modular quick release design

360° Omnidirectional Movement

Powerful closed-wing engines

Advanced power and endurance

    The new closed-wing design gives the E-GO twice the improved power of its predecessor, which translates into increased propulsive power and greater resistance to water currents.

    Omnidirectional and fully flexible movement

      FIFISH E-GO has 360° omnidirectional movement and glide capability, allowing the robot to perform underwater tasks with complete freedom and flexibility.

      Empower your operations with AI

      The AI visual lock function allows one-touch locking of underwater targets, offering automatic resistance to currents and providing reliable visual support for underwater operations.

      FIFISH’s in-house developed AI algorithm automatically identifies and filters out underwater plankton, resulting in clearer and more refined images.

      Break the darkness with powerful lighting

      FIFISH E-GO is equipped with four LED lights connected in series, providing 10,000 lumens and a wide illumination range of 160°, fully lighting the way for deepwater operations.

      Twice the interface ports, twice the professionalism
      By redesigning the structure and construction of the E-GO, the robot can be equipped with dual payload interfaces, called Q-Interface 3.0, which allow the simultaneous use of up to two professional add-on tools.

      Quick release design for components

      The new rapid installation and removal of components and devices, with docking and undocking speeds of up to 3 seconds, greatly improve users’ operational efficiency.

      Highly modular design and construction
      The new quick engine disassembly module allows components to be installed and removed quickly, allowing immediate return to full operational status and readiness for the task at hand.

      The E-GO’s versatile modular design allows for quick replacement of light sources and imaging modules, among other features.

      Even in the event of light or camera malfunctions during underwater operations, spare parts can be quickly installed and removed to ensure smooth progress and successful completion of the mission.

      Battery manager for worry-free operation

      When combined with the Q-Energy Station fast battery charging station, concerns about low power and short battery life are avoided, making it perfectly suited for long duration subsea operations.

      Note: The Q-Energy Station is an optional accessory that must be purchased separately or as part of a package.

      Quick Data Storage & Transfer

      FIFISH E-GO comes equipped with a built-in Micro SD card slot, supporting up to 256GB of storage and providing ample space for recording underwater missions.