Unparalleled vision, day or night

Flagship all-weather, all-day, multi-sensor payload. H30 Series: Includes DJI Zenmuse H30 and DJI Zenmuse H30T.

Increased integration: The Zenmuse H30 series integrates five main modules, a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, an infrared thermal camera, a laser rangefinder and an NIR auxiliary light.

Advanced technology:Adapts state-of-the-art intelligent algorithms, revolutionizing the standards of perception and imaging, transcending the limitations of day and night vision.

Application scenarios:Public security, energy inspection, asset inspection, forestry, etc.

Compatibility:Compatible with M350、M300 (only with DJI RC Plus).

Overview – H30T

With its 48MP wide-angle sensor and 24mm equivalent focal length, this device excels at capturing expansive scenes in stunning detail, even in low-light conditions thanks to the Night Scene Mode. The NIR Backlight enhances the illumination for the zoom sensor, which features a 40MP sensor, 34x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom, also compatible with Night Scene Mode.

For precision measurements, the Laser Rangefinder covers distances from 3 to 3000 meters with exceptional accuracy. Finally, the Infrared Thermal Camera offers a detailed thermal image with a resolution of 1280×1024 and versatile measurement modes over a wide temperature range.

Overview – H30

The device features a NIR Auxiliary Light that provides auxiliary illumination in extremely dark environments for the zoom camera. Operating in the NIR band with a wavelength of 850nm, invisible to the human eye, it illuminates a circle of approximately 8 meters in diameter at a distance of 100 meters. The zoom camera, on the other hand, is equipped with a 40MP CMOS sensor and 34x optical zoom, with a maximum digital zoom of 400x and support for Night Scene Mode. The Laser Rangefinder provides accurate measurements over a range of 3 to 3000 meters with exceptional precision. As for the wide-angle camera, it features a 48MP CMOS sensor and an equivalent focal length of 24mm, also compatible with Night Scene Mode.

Superior Zoom

  • With a superior zoom that reaches 34x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom, this device brings you closer to the action with stunning clarity. Electronic image stabilization (EIS) ensures stable capture even at long focal lengths, keeping your images sharp and clear. In addition, the integrated laser rangefinder offers a measurement capability of up to 3000 meters (~9842 feet), providing accuracy in your long distance measurements.

High Resolution and Extended Range

With its powerful infrared technology, this device delivers detailed images with a resolution of 1280×1024, capturing even the finest details. With up to 32x digital zoom and Ultra HD mode, you can get closer to your subject without compromising image quality. In addition, its wide temperature measurement range, from -20°C to 1600°C (-68°F to 2912°F), allows you to detect thermal variations in a wide range of scenarios, ensuring exceptional performance in industrial applications, security and more.

Optimized Night Vision Technology

This optimized night vision technology offers an unparalleled viewing experience in low light conditions. With full color night vision and noise reduction, images are clear and detailed, revealing every nuance even in the deepest darkness. For black and white night vision, the IR cut-off filter is removed, further improving sensitivity in low-light environments. In addition, the NIR Auxiliary Light provides additional active illumination, ensuring that every detail is illuminated, regardless of ambient light conditions.

Advanced Intelligence for Better Images

This device offers a smarter shooting experience, thanks to its Intelligent Capture function that automatically optimizes settings for high quality images in any situation. Electronic Dehaze technology increases image clarity by reducing the effect of fog and improving visibility in challenging environments. In addition, Video Close-up Stabilization improves inspection efficiency by keeping objects in the foreground stable, ensuring smooth and sharp recording even when moving.

Optimized Night Vision Technology

This device offers advanced data management to ensure safety and efficiency in all operations. The Video Pre-record function ensures that you never miss a crucial moment by automatically storing videos before recording is triggered. In addition, media encryption and log deletion maintain data confidentiality, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access. Compatible with FH2, this device ensures optimal adaptability to various environments. With an IP54 rating, it is dust and water resistant, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃ (-68°F to 122°F), ensuring reliable performance in adverse conditions.

Visible light Camera

Superior Zoom Performance

  • 34x max. optical zoom
  • 400x max. digital zoom
  • Optimized stabilization in telephoto video
  • Maintained clarity during zooming
  • Faster focusing speed
  • Improve daytime target observation capabilities (image quality, imaging)
  • H30T has better observation effect on target details 700 meters (~2,296 ft) away (compared to H20T maximum zoom performance)

Multi-touch Gesture – zoom capability

  • Click and Aim:Double-click the point of interest on the remote controller’s screen, the camera will control the gimbal to move until the point of interest is in the center of the screen.
  • One-finger Swap:Press and hold the screen until the cursor appears, then slide one finger on the screen to adjust the gimbal angle.
  • Slide with 3 Fingers:swipe down with three fingers to hide all settings in the interface and focus on observing the camera feed.

Laser Range Finder

2.5x Laser Working Range

  • 3000 m (~9842 ft) maximum measurement distance.
  • Smaller laser spot (half of H20N) with more concentrated energy.
  • Real-time display of latitude and longitude coordinates and altitude.


  • Record the location of the target.

  • Accuracy: @1000m (~3280ft) from target,<20m (65ft).

  • You can consult the Pin-Point later.

  • Able to visualize and share the location on the map.

  • Pin-point synchronization with FH2.

Smart Capture

Optimized images

  • When using the intelligent capture mode, the camera automatically evaluates the ambient light intensity and dynamic range before capturing an image.
  • This enables the capture of good images in various operating environments-normal, high illumination,low illumination, high dynamic range.
  • Intelligent capture shooting speed will be slower than normal capture mode, the camera will automatically switch and lock in Auto mode.

H30T/H20T/H20N Visible Light Camera Comparison

Resolution H30T H20T H20N
Wide-Angle Camera 48MP 12MP 4MP
Zoom Camera 40MP 20MP 2MP

Night vision camera – Night Scene Mode

  • Improved image and shooting performance in dark light conditions
  • Greater clarity and precision at night
  • Simultaneous activation in the zoom camera and wide-angle camera


  • Night scene mode: ON
  • Noise reduction: three adjustable intensity levels; improves image quality by further reducing the camera’s frame rate.
  • IR light: OFF

Full-color Night Vision

  • Night scene mode: ON
  • Enhanced noise reduction: three adjustable intensity levels; improves image quality by further reducing the camera’s frame rate.
  • IR light:OFF


  • IR light: ON
  • Remove the IR cut filter and the camera view will become black and white.

NIR Auxiliary Light

  • Controls the on/off switching of the built-in NIR Spotlight.
  • Once turned on, the auxiliary light (commonly called IR Spotlight) will be activated and the IR Light option will also turn on automatically. Thus, the camera view will become black and white and the auxiliary light will provide additional illumination to the center of the screen.
  • Illumination range: @100 m: Approx. 8m dia circle (~328 ft, ~26 ft).

Laser-assisted Focusing

  • The laser rangefinder is used by default to assist in focusing;

  • With the Night Scene mode activated and the IR Light on, you can see the laser dot in the center of the camera’s black and white view;

  • You can choose to deactivate the laser module in On Demand Mode. The laser will be deactivated when the RNG function is not in use.

Thermal Camera

High resolution

  • 1280*1024, 4x enhanced
  • 32x maximum digital zoom

Thermal palette

  • 10 types of color palette configurations, including Hot White/Hot Black/Hot Black/Lava/Matiz/Iron Red/Rainbow1 /Rainbow 2/Medical/Arctic/Fulgurite

High resolution infrared thermal imaging camera

  • When the zoom ratio of the thermal imaging camera is 2x and above, this function can be used to capture sharp images, and the image resolution can still reach 1280×1024.

3 Measurement Modes

It has three modes of operation: High Resolution Live View Mode, High Gain Mode and Low Gain Mode.

The High Resolution Live View Mode offers the best image quality for object observation and is recommended for search and rescue (SAR), law enforcement and wildlife monitoring missions, although it does not support temperature measurement. The High Gain Mode is ideal for inspection missions requiring high measurement accuracy, such as power line inspections, with a measurement range of -20°C to 150°C (-68°F to 302°F). On the other hand, the Low Gain Mode is recommended for fire monitoring missions that need a wide measurement range, although its temperature measurement accuracy is not as high as that of the High Gain Mode, covering a range from 0°C to 600°C (32°F to 1112°F).

Smart features – Zoom camera

Smart Track
Automated identification, positioning and continuous tracking of moving targets such as people, vehicles and ships.

The lens will always be in the center of the image and maintain a proper aspect ratio for viewing.

AI Spot Check
In the subsequent automated task, the AI algorithm will autonomously compare the target area with the current image in real time to correct the camera shooting angle and ensure the accuracy of each operation.

Improve the accuracy of refined automatic inspection tasks.

Software compatibility

DJI Pilot 2

DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3.0

DJI FlightHub 2

DJI Terra

Application scenarios

Public Safety

Energy inspection

Water and forestry

Emergencies and firefighters