Today, the use of 4K camera drones is an advantage in many sectors, since, thanks to their implementation, operators, both private individuals and companies, achieve unbeatable results, as well as great economic savings. The utility and performance that 4K camera drones can generate in the long run will be noticeable. Thus, investing in 4K camera drones can be the solution to many of our drawbacks.

Drones with a 4k camera offer very good image resolution and quality. Colors, sharpness and brightness are aspects to keep in mind when taking a picture.

What is 4K technology?

 4k technology has 4,096 horizontal pixels, which means that it goes further in generating content as it offers the ability to capture images in high resolution.

Thus, incorporating a 4k camera into a drone makes the value of the UAV enhanced. With it, the unmanned aerial vehicle will be able to capture high-quality images at heights that an operator would not be able to reach.

Currently, this advancement has improved the lives of many professionals, such as content creators or film producers, among many others. 4K drones have cutting-edge technology to achieve a sharper resolution. Given their performance, all operators in charge of handling them will get the best results at the moment they are performing the different professional activities.

Drones 4K para conteúdo audiovisual. Quais são as vantagens?

Drones with a 4K camera are ideal, as mentioned above, for activities where multimedia content is the protagonist. Put in a very or more specific way, UAVs that have this kind of technology are perfect for recording scenes that will later be used in the production of movies or series.

Drones with a professional 4k camera will offer incredible results, both in the images and videos obtained. Next, from HPDRONES we will discuss and further explain some of the main benefits of this type of UAVs.

  1. Higher quality aerial shots. 4k drones, as mentioned above, offer the ability to capture higher quality images. This allows the results obtained to be much better than those achieved by a professional drone that does not have this technology. If you need this type of service to, among many other things, obtain quality audiovisual content, for example, for film production, 4k camera drones are the ideal option.
  2. Easy transport.  Usually, drones with 4k cameras are foldable, so carrying them will not be a hassle.  In case you want to take it on a trip and photograph distant landscapes, this type of UAV is a perfect alternative.
  3. Simple handling.   Although these drones are used by professionals, there are some amateur operators who can purchase them and start learning how to use them. For example, it is very common for people who are starting out in the world of audiovisual production to start with this type of device. And 4k camera drones offer incredibly amazing results.

Discover our 4K drones!

HPDRONES has the best drones on the market. And, they are all made from the best materials and belong to leading brands. Below we will mention and explain some of the most recognized and available options to meet your needs if you are looking for high quality and high resolution images, photos and videos.

DJI Matrice 30 Series

Portability is one of the keys of the DJI Matrice 30 SERIES. This design is portable and very resistant to weather changes, so as to avoid any extra factors that could create any setbacks.

It has a more compact and lighter design than similar ones and offers great balance and power, so the efficiency is much higher. Within the range of commercial drones it is one of those with the highest performance, since it is used via a remote control.  This model can reach 15 kms away from the remote control and its approximate flight duration is 41 minutes.

Zenmuse H20 Serie

In terms of design, the Zenmuse H20 Series is multisensor, meaning that in its integrated design the efficiency of the sensors makes it the best for commercial uses. Its 4k camera captures from both near and far, and the sharpness and color quality it achieves in the images and videos taken is incredible.

This is considered one of the best hybrid models, as it has zoom, thermal capture capability, wide angle, and many other features.

The best 4K drones at HPDRONES!

At HPDRONES we have the best 4k drones on the market. Made from quality materials, our 4k camera UAVs belong to leading brands in the industry and offer amazing results. If you have any questions, contact us! Our team of experts will be happy to help and advise you on the best decision for you. Thanks to our customer service department, any incidents you may experience will be resolved immediately.

For everything mentioned throughout the text we can state that 4k technology is one of those that has the greatest impact on the outcome of any multimedia content that is obtained. This is perfect for those 4k camera drones that are generally used for audiovisual activities. At HPDRONES we want to satisfy the needs of all our customers, so we offer you a wide range of possibilities from which you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.