The DJI Matrice 350 RTK has been designed with improvements over the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. The M350 has gained an advantage with DJI RC Plus. It comes with new TB-65 batteries and many more improvements.

What’s new

  • DJI RC Plus

The Matrice 350 RTK comes with DJI’s RC Plus remote control. The DJI RC Plus is a big improvement on the old Smart Controller supplied with the Matrice 300. The RC Plus features a 7-inch screen, support for dual operator mode, uses DJI’s WB37 batteries and supports O3 Enterprise transmission.


  • New TB65 batteries

The Matrice 350 comes with a new battery, TB65 with hot swap support. The new battery is smaller than the TB60, but can maintain the same 55-minute flight time as the Matrice 300. Each TB65 battery is rated for 400 cycles and has 5880mAh, 263.2Wh at 44.76V.
The BS65 battery station has been improved to be compatible with different charging modes, including 50%, 90% and 100%. When the battery station is connected to the DJI RC Plus, the DJI Pilot app displays the battery status and other information.


  • Security improvements

DJI has also made a number of safety improvements. The arm locks can detect when they have not been engaged correctly, displaying an error in the DJI Pilot 2 app and preventing the M350 from taking off. The integrated FPV camera is now night vision capable and has been upgraded to a 1080p camera. New high-altitude, low-noise propellers have also been launched along with the M350.


Payloads and Controls

Learn about the compatibility of the two models DJI M300 RTK and DJI M350RTK.


Products M350 RTK + RC Plus M300 RTK + RC Plus M300 RTK + Smart Controller
Zenmuse Z30/XT2/XTS No No Yes
Zenmuse H20 / H20T / H20N / P1 / L1 Yes Yes Yes
CSM Radar Yes Yes Yes
TB60 battery Yes Yes Yes
TB65 battery Yes Yes Yes
BS60 battery station Yes Yes Yes
BS65 battery station Yes Yes Yes
M300 RTK 2110 propellers Yes Yes Yes
M300 RTK 2195 propellers Yes Yes Yes
M350 RTK 2110s propellers Yes Yes Yes
M350 RTK 2112 propellers Yes Yes Yes
M300 RTK gimbal supports Yes Yes Yes
D-RTK 2 Yes Yes Yes


Note: DJI has now released a software update for the RC Plus, making it compatible with the M30, M30T, M300 and M350.


IP classification

Although the M300 RTK has an IP45 rating, the M350 RTK has been built with an upgraded IP55 tolerance. This means that the M350 RTK has greater protection against solid objects. But both platforms have the same water resistance – capable of withstanding rain, but falling short of complete waterproofing.

The M350 RTK and M300 RTK can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C.


DJI M350 RTK (IP55) DJI M300 RTK (IP45)
Solid: Protection against solid objects larger than 1 mm (such as screws, wires).

Liquids: Protected against low-pressure water jets from any angle.

Solids: Protected against dust (limited dust ingress permitted, not harmful).

Liquids: Protected against low-pressure water jets from any angle


DJI RC Plus vs DJI Smart Controller Enterprise

Since its launch, the DJI M350 RTK has come with the DJI RC Plus smart controller, which is an upgraded RC compared to the M300 RTK’s Smart Controller Enterprise.

However, the RC Plus is now compatible with the M300 RTK, following a firmware update, but the controller can be purchased separately for M300 RTK users. It is worth noting that when you upgrade to the RC Plus, you will no longer be able to use the Smart Controller Enterprise, as it is not compatible. It is not possible to use DJI RC Plus and Smart Controller Enterprise simultaneously.

It’s fair to say that the RC Plus – originally launched with the DJI M30 series – has improved features over the Smart Controller Enterprise, including longer battery life, larger screen and IP rating.

DJI RC Plus DJI Smart Controller Enterprise
Screen size 7,02 inches 5,5 inches
Screen brightness 1.200 cd/m2 1.000 cd/m2
Battery life Internal battery: 3.18 hours;

Internal + external battery: 6 hours

Internal battery: 2.5 hours;

Internal + external battery: 4.5 hours

IP classification IP54 No
Operating temperature -20°C a 50°C -20°C a 40°C
Dual operator support Yes Yes
In the box Included with the DJI M350 RTK.

Available separately for DJI M300 RTK operators.

Included with the DJI M300 RTK.
Compatible drones DJI M350 RTK


DJI M30 Series

DJI Inspire 3 (Inspire 3 version)



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