Master everything around you. Master the unseen

At the height of aerial cinematography, the new DJI Inspire 3 offers unprecedented workflow efficiency, camera language and creative freedom. This all-in-one 8K camera drone allows professional-level cinematographers to fully maximise the potential of any shot and master the unseen.


Everything you need to capture the best images

The Inspire 3 is a professional camera drone that adopts a new fluid design that takes aerodynamics fully into account to reduce air resistance. Compared with the previous model, the maximum dive speed has increased from 9 m/s of the Inspire 2 to 10 m/s, while the vertical ascent/descent speed has increased from 6 m/s and 4 m/s to 8 m/s. The powerful manoeuvrability offers precise and responsive control and an extended flight time of up to 28 minutes.

Unique features. From the external design to the internal structure, every detail has been carefully thought out and optimised.

FPV camera, visual sensors, positioning antennas, and storage card. All slots adopt designs that are seamlessly integrated into the fuselage for a minimalist look and modern industrial aesthetic. Inheriting the classic transformable configuration of the Inspire series, the Inspire 3 uses an all-new design that supports 360° Pan and Tilt Boost structures. During landing, the gimbal supports unobstructed 80° upward angle shooting, allowing cinematographers to capture stunningly innovative shots.


  • Advantages over the previous model:
  • Increased tilt;
  • 360° panoramic view;
  • Travel mode.


Flight system. Space intelligence beyond the limits.

The DJI Inspire 3 incorporates a highly mobile precision flight system. It also integrates high-precision RTK positioning technology used in industries such as architecture and land surveying to provide centimetre-level accuracy. Compared to traditional meter-level positioning supported by Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), RTK not only makes flight more stable, but also makes flight route planning more precise, significantly improving creative efficiency.

RTK antennas have been incorporated into the fuselage with a new stacked ceramic design, which enables three types of GNSS (GPS, BeiDou and Galileo) and offers dual frequency positioning down to the centimetre level. By activating an RTK network or configuring a D-RTK 2 mobile station, users can achieve highly accurate positioning without mounting any additional modules.

Custom Network RTK – Use Custom Network RTK directly in areas covered by RTK. Simply enable Internet access on the DJI RC Plus and connect to an NTRIP server to allow the Inspire 3 to receive comprehensive data for fast and accurate positioning.

RTK Base Station – In environments without RTK network coverage, the RTK function can be used by setting up a D-RTK Mobile Station 2. Then, the Inspire 3 can receive comprehensive data from the mobile station for accurate positioning.


PRO is what defines it. Waypoint PRO and Spotlight Pro

Specially designed for aerial cinematography, Waypoint Pro allows you to plan flight paths and shots with a wide range of custom settings. With the new Repeatable Routes and 3D Dolly modes, an innovative automated shooting experience can be easily achieved. In addition, centimetre-level RTK positioning ensures more accurate flight route planning and execution. Whether filming alone or with a professional crew, use Waypoint Pro to master highly complex scenes.

Updated from Inspire 2, Spotlight Pro allows solo creators more capture possibilities. Based on powerful algorithms, Inspire 3 supports automated object recognition and blocking for people, vehicles and boats with greater accuracy than its predecessor.


  • Omnidirectional detection system;
  • Customisable Obstacle Detection;
  • Ultra Wide Night Vision FPV Camera.


A stunning new aerial perspective. 8K Full-Frame Imaging System

DJI’s lightest ever three-axis full-frame gimbal camera , the X9-8K Air, is custom-built for the Inspire 3 to take drone cinematography to the next level. It features DJI’s latest image processing system, CineCore 3.0, with support for internal CinemaDNG video recording up to 8K/25 fps, as well as 8K/75 fps Apple ProRes RAW video, meeting the needs of first-class film and television productions.

8K means ultra-high resolution aerial footage that retains realistic texture close to what the human eye sees, with clarity that astounds audiences when displayed on larger screens. RAW puts the X9-8K Air’s sensor fully in play, providing plenty for visual effects and colour gradation.


Video Streaming

The Inspire 3 is equipped with DJI O3 Pro, DJI’s cinema-quality video transmission system, which allows a maximum transmission distance of 15km in single control mode and 12km in dual control mode. Both the gimbal camera and FPV camera support 1080p/60fps live feeds and an ultra-low latency of 90 ms. Compared to the Inspire 2’s Lightbridge video transmission system, the O3 Pro has made a generational leap in transmission distance, latency and stability .

For the first time, 4K/30 fps live feeds are also supported with a maximum transmission distance of 5km to meet the needs of UHD monitoring and live streaming on set.

Compared to its predecessor, the Inspire 3’s dual control experience has been significantly upgraded. Two remote controllers can receive live feeds and control the drone independently, so the pilot and gimbal operator can be in different positions on set.

If the pilot loses the drone signal, the gimbal operator can now take control of the drone to safely return home or land directly.


The DJI Inspire 3 drone is the true definition of power and performance. For you who are looking for a professional drone with the best imaging results, easy to use and the best possible control. Look no further. The DJI Inspire 3 is a whole new level!

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