The best solution in the market for remote work with drones. 

As official DJI Enterprise representatives we are one step ahead in the market vision, with specialized technicians, we have the possibility to be increasingly closer to our customers, create contacts and strengthen existing relationships. The DJI Dock is proof of that. This could be your new working tool.

DJI Docks are rugged, reliable and built to operate 24/7, day or night, rain or shine. 

  • Operate every day, all the time
  • With an IP55 rating, the M30 can easily stand up to adverse weather conditions and temperatures from -20°C to 50°C (Dock -35°C to 50°C).
  • Wind resistance of 15m/s.
  • Light rain resistance.


Where you want, when you want. The DJI Dock is prepared for all kinds of situations and environments. You can use the Dock for:

  • Industrial inspection;
  • Infrastructure decommissioning;
  • Search and rescue;
  • Firefighting
  • Surveillance / security;
  • Monitoring without interruptions.


Full Cloud Control

With DJI FlightHub 2, unlock the full functionality of DJI DOCK from the cloud. You can schedule missions, create and edit flight paths and manage collected data.

  • Extensive real-time situational awareness;
  • Mission planning;
  • Flight plan management;
  • Image management and storage;
  • One-stop operation and maintenance.


Quick load and take-off

It has fast charge and take-off capability, thanks to the TEC air conditioning that cools the drone’s batteries, allowing a 10-90% charge in just 25 minutes. The maintenance interval is 6 months and battery backup is 5 hours. It has active temperature control for fast and safe charging.


Target details at your fingertips. Easy setup.

Each DJI Dock integrates large zoom and thermal cameras and, only the Matrice 30T, a laser rangefinder, which in combination can capture aerial data.

The Dock version of the M30 series has superior performance and with a maximum wind resistance of 15 m/s

The Matrice 30 can fly for 40 minutes and can perform missions and inspections of up to 7 km.

To work with the Dock requires a ground/earth connection, access to an electrical outlet and internet. 

Learn all about this innovative equipment. HPDRONES already has the DJI Dock.  Possibly your new work tool. Talk to us and we’ll explain everything!

Your new work tool is already available at HPDRONES. Talk to us and we’ll explain everything!